Sunday, 3 January 2010

TTV Series

Episode 1
Forever Young

Events are set in motion, and Crystal Harris dies. What does Madame Rene have in store for the Doctor and his new companion?

Episode 2
The Inner Circle

During a trip to the Asteroid Bazaar, Crystal is kidnapped. Where is her kidnapper taking her? And for what reason?

Episode 3
When in Rome

The Doctor and Crystal travel to Rome, where Emperor Nero's mother Agrippina is in danger.

Episode 4
Seven Deadly Sins

When Crystal is contacted by Inner Circle member Finley Bradford, she agrees to keep him hidden. But when the Judoon capture the TARDIS and the Doctor, she's in a race against time to stay alive.

Episode 5

Crystal and Finley have minutes to escape from the Judoon, before the Earth is destroyed in a ball of flame. Even if they survive, will the Judoon leave Finley in peace, or will Crystal fall into the hands of the Death Collectors?

Episode 6
The Funeral

The Doctor and Chelsea Harris must combine forces when Crystal becomes a poltergeist at her own funeral.

Episode 7
Law and Order

The Doctor hunts an alien hunter, while Crystal meets Catherine Howard, shortly before her downfall and execution.

Episode 8
Judgement Day

The Death Collectors gather the Doctor, Crystal and Catherine to decide whether Crystal should live or die.

Episode 9
Heaven and Hell

The Doctor and Crystal escape, and are persued through time by the Death Collectors.

Episode 10
The Haunting

The Doctor, Crystal and Chelsea discover the secret of The Haunting - and how it's boarded a train on the London Underground...

Episode 11
True Blood

The Inner Circle capture the TARDIS and attempt to recruit Crystal as their new seventh member.

Episode 12
Crystal Ball

The Inquisitor captures the Doctor and Crystal, in an attempt to find out why neither ever seem to die.

Episode 13
Till Death Do Us Part

The Inquisitor makes a decision that could be fatal for all involved.

Episode 1
On A Mission

The Doctor vows to get Crystal back, and begins by talking to Madame Rene, asking her all she knows about the Salvation Realm.

Episode 2
Stop Telephoning Me

The Doctor and Madame Rene attempt to travel to The Inner Circle, but the TARDIS instead takes them to the planet Tea Leaf, where a monster haunts a telephone box.

Episode 3
Crash and Burn Girl

Realising they need an immortal, the Doctor and Madame Rene work out a pattern of when and where the next one will appear, and are rather surprised by the result.

Episode 4

The Doctor and Madame Rene, using recent immortal Amelia Earhart as bait, find Podmore and attempt to travel to the Inner Circle.

Episode 5
The Final Destination

The Doctor, Madame Rene, Amelia and Podmore travel to the Inner Circle, where everyone has a big decision to make.

Episode 6
The Auton Army

Now travelling alone, the Doctor hopes to stop an army of Autons from awakening. Can he get to the Source in time?